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The Docs4PatientCare Foundation MISSION is to:
Preserve the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship, promote quality care, support affordable access to care for all Americans and to protect the patient’s personal health care decisions.

Definitive DPC Training

Our 5th “Nuts & Bolts to 2.0” Conference training hundreds of physicians in the Direct Primary Care practice model (doctor’s office).

Break Free!
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DPC 2022 – Nuts & Bolts to 2.0
Dates: November 10-12, 2022
Location: Dallas, TX (near DFW airport)

Our Priorities in Restoring American Health Care

Direct Primary Care

Promoting and training physicians to open doctor’s offices based on memberships rather than insurance or bureaucrats.

Patients pay a monthly flat fee like a gym membership and get all the services a local doctor’s office can provide.

It’s an American model that aligns the interests of both doctors and patients for the best healthcare outcomes.

Patients get a low flat fee, no insurance approvals, no bureaucrat treatment refusals, all with no surprise billing where over 80% of all healthcare issues can be resolved.

Doctors get steady income, end bureaucrats telling them how to treat patients, and get to spend time with patients to be the doctor they always wanted to be.

Doctors get the right financial motivation – to get you well. Patients get the right motivation too (low costs that get you regular check ups and a doc who knows you – not just a chart!

Doctor Patient Relationship

Nothing is more personal, more private, and more important than the relationship between a doctor and their patient.

Healthcare costs involve 1/6th of the American economy.

Bureaucracies and corporate interests have encroached on the sanctity of this relationship for multiple generations.

We are a fully physician run organization seeing patients virtually every day – no bureaucrats or academics here – as active practitioners.

We create a platform to share with policy makers the real world impact of regulation and law on the care of patients and the doctors trying to heal.


Our physicians have traveled across the land to meet with policy makers and bureaucrats in state houses, government agencies, and the federal government.

Our relentless goal is to teach all who will listen about the impact of policy on the practice of medicine.

We prioritize promoting policy that unleashes American innovation.  Innovation in technology. Innovation in technique. Innovation in process.

Change for change sake is not our priority.  Technology and policy reform can leave things worse than they were before. A clear example – electronic medical records that promised the easy flow of information and acceleration of care.

Today, the healthcare system struggles with interoperability and diminishing doctors to little more than data entry staff in patient care.

In Memoriam

Felicia Horton 1963-2022

Our Executive Director passed on May 16, 2022. Her more than a decade of service in all the iterations of Docs 4 Patient Care left an impact that will echo into eternity.

Read her obituary here.

Her family has asked donations in her memory be made to the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation.

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